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Updated: Jul 5, 2022


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Yes, you read it perfectly , Artificial Intelligence is now on the forefront to treat COVID-19 patients rapidly by taking X-RAY of their chest.

The work was on-going since 18 months to embed AI to identify pneumonia through x-ray the project was been lead by Dr. Albert Hsiao with his colleagues at UC San Diego Health System. when us was slammed by corona-virus they decide to check this AI program that how much potential it has.

His Team was one from the teams who have pushed their AI program in this COVID-19 pandemic to decide which patient would require ventilator and those patients who do not have complication are moved towards the lower-intensity care.

Researchers soon positioned quickly their program , wherever there was sign of lung damage or other signs of pneumonia the x-ray get dotted with color spot at that place.

This has now been applied to 6000+ chest x-rays and it displays some value in diagnosis termed by hsiao director of augmented imaging and artificial intelligence data analytics laboratory.

Dr. Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute and author of several books on health IT Quoted that, "AI is being used for things that are questionable right now,”

Epic, a major vendor of electronic health record software created a system carve up by Topol , that predicts which of COVID-19 patients will become critically ill.

On this Topol said that using this tool before being validated is like " pandemic Exceptionalism "

On reply to this Epic told that it has been validated by using data of 16000+ patients of COVID-19 from 21 different health care organizations.

James Hickman , a software developer in Epic's cognitive computing team ; On this said that " It was developed to help doctors to take treatment decisions and not for a substitute of their own judgement.

To this, you & I can conclude that no matter whether it may be any field, if AI is embedded in a right place it has a large potential to saves human lives.

We have seen of different project like neural network designing, epic's software to predict complication in patient earlier, an augmented reality using AI, using AI to paints the car & i can go on.

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