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Updated: Jul 5, 2022


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As we know, cheetahs are the fastest creature on land; the main reason behind their speed and power is the flexing of their spines -Jie Yin Cheetah was our inspiration to create a type of soft robot that has a spring-powered, 'bistable' divide, meaning that the robot has two stable states," Yin says.

"We can switch between these stable states rapidly by pumping air into channels that line the soft, silicone robot.

Switching between the two states releases significant energy, allowing the robot to quickly exert force against the ground. This enables the robot to gallop across the surface, meaning its feet leave the ground.

Previously robots were crawlers, so they had to be in touch with the ground all the time; because of this, their speed binds up to some limits.

"Leveraging Elastic instabilities for Amplified Performance" (LEAP) can reach speeds of up to 2.7 body lengths per second, more than three times faster -- at a low actuation frequency of about 3Hz. These new robots can also run up steep inclines, which can be challenging or impossible for soft robots that exert less force against the ground.

These "galloping" LEAP robots are approximately seven centimetres long and weigh 45 grams.

The researchers also demonstrated that the LEAP design could improve swimming speeds for soft robots. Attaching a fin rather than feet, a LEAP robot could swim at a rate of 0.78 body lengths per second, compared to 0.7 body lengths per second for the previous fastest swimming soft robot.

"We also demonstrated several soft robots working together, like pincers, to grab objects," Yin says. "By tuning the force exerted by the robots, we were able to lift objects as delicate as an egg and objects weighing 10 kilograms or more."

Get engaged in leaping!

This leap project is very amazing. it would be going to change the robotics world mainly the world of crawler robots. Introducing LEAP robot would be very transforming.

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