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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Uk's richest man JAMES DYSON spent his own $940 Mn to develop a EV Car to rival Tesla.

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Uk's richest man JAMES DYSON spent his own $940 mn to develop a EV Car to rival Tesla. It is claimed that this car take a ride of 6000 miles on a single charge which is far better then Tesla Model S and Model-X

James Dyson , UK's richest person has net worth of 16.2 billion pounds (Rs1.5 lakh cr) from which he spent 500 million pounds (Rs 7,125 Cr) his own money to develop Electric car to rival Tesla.

The Dyson car was initially planned as an electric SUV that aimed to challenge Tesla’s electric vehicles. During the interview, Dyson revealed that and he had to fund about 500 million pound from his own pocket to get the scrapped project off the ground.

Dyson claimed that the seven-seater electric SUV will have a range of 965 kms (600 miles). The figures are very impressive when we compared popular Tesla models, A Tesla Model S can go 610 kms (379 miles) and the Model X can hit 505 kms (314 miles) on a single charge.

During the interview, Dyson also said that the electric SUV, made from aluminum weighed around 2.6 tons, had a top speed of 201 kmph (125 mph), and could go from zero to 100 kmph in just 4.8 seconds. It had a twin 200kW electric motors that could produce 536 bhp of power and 480 lb. ft of torque.

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