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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

When you upload photos to Facebook, it automatically highlights faces and suggests tagging your friends in that photo. Surprise?

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Do a question ever arise to you about how it happens?

Here we have the solution to your dilemma; Facebook uses AI to recognize faces. Facebook discusses the use of artificial neural networks—ML algorithms that mimic the structure of the human brain to power facial recognition software. The company has invested a considerable amount in this area for Facebook and the facial-recognition startups like Facebook took over in 2012 worth about $60Mn, which was a bluff and Faciometrics.

Facebook also uses AI for personalizing your news feed and making sure that you see posts of your interest; with EMERJ in an interview with Facebook's Hussein Mehanna that Facebook is showing ads that are very particular to your area of interest. As the ad would be nearer to your area of interest, you would lure more to click that ad and try to buy something from that advertiser, and when you buy, Facebook also gets paid.

In the earlier quarter of 2016, only google and Facebook acquired 85% of the online market ad due to precisely targeting ads of your interest.

In June 2016, Facebook rolled out a new announcement regarding AI:- Deep text, an engine capable of understanding the reader with the human's accuracy to understand thousands of posts per second, likely to be more than 20 languages.

Profound text is used in Facebook messenger to claim your purpose instantly. E.g. when you write, I like to ride a horse, it does not book a horse or pop-ups a screen to book a horse. But when you register, I need a ride, it abruptly calls for an Uber within an app.

Profound text is also used for filtering spam messages, helping public figures by not overwhelming the spam messages to them. It is helpful in many other contexts too.

Want to know in deep how Ai works?

To learn how this AI works in the context of facial recognition in a very detailed manner, then do watch the following video

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