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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Several users have reported an issue that there was a constant deduction from their account in the name of google Proxima beta. Most of the transactions are recurring and occur without users' acknowledgement.

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Proxima beta pte limited is a company in Singapore and attached with Tencent, a developer behind the popular game Player Unknown's battlegrounds, known as PUBG. At the same time, it is still a mystery who is behind this scam.

It was clear that any development company with in-app purchases within their respective apps or games could easily engage in this scam. An assumption can be made that there must be a crew of hackers behind this scam penetrating through security from where bugs are found and stealing people's money.

The most common digit which is transacted is Rs799 or Rs79. This transaction takes place many times in a specific period without user knowledge.

This is a part of the mystery why Google's name is attached to this scam. According to some experts, Google's name is connected to this because most of the transactions use a google play store or a google pay platform.

How to prevent this scam?

1) Firstly, Turn off all auto repays from Google play store and also from google pay

2) Delete all your saved cards from the google play store and from Gray

3) If using the app of your specified bank, make a habit of checking your passbook. Which has every record of transactions.

4) If playing games or using apps which have app purchase, then keep an eye on that

How to get a refund if you are scammed?

1) Get in contact with your bank, acknowledge this issue, and ask them to block your card, net banking, & UPI services.

2) Then report google for this issue. For reporting, you have to input an unauthorized purchase from the google play option by clicking this link

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