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Sony Files New Patent for MMO Processing System

A new patent application from Sony Interactive Entertainment for an MMO processing system makes reference to possible MMOs for the PlayStation 5.

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Throughout 2022, Sony has continued to reiterate its intentions to make investments in the gaming industry through internet services, product acquisitions, and active game development. By 2026, Sony expects to have at least 10 games available online, according to plans made public in February. Jade Raymond, a new multiplayer title by Haven Studios for the PlayStation 5, will be one of these new games featuring such a service.

An MMO processing system using multiple networks, computer devices, and cloud technologies is described in a recent Sony patent. The patent claims that computers would be built to handle gaming interaction between one or more users in a virtual environment. Sub-regions and additional computing resources are assigned to continue processing interactivity in the game world when the number of users reaches a predefined region limit.

A cloud gaming system serving as central computing is shown in the patent's diagram together with computing units, networks, and the process it describes. Each computing unit communicates with the central computing unit via the network, as depicted in the diagram. Given that Sony Interactive Entertainment filed the patent, it seems likely that this MMO processing method will be utilised in a future PlayStation game. The patent may also indicate that PlayStation is bringing MMOs from other developers to its newest PlayStation 5 platform.

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